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Please make every effort to ensure your child is completing his/her homework.
Homework is assigned Monday through Friday. Most Fridays, the only homework assigned will
be to get graded work signed (this counts as homework). Any grade below a 90 needs to be
signed by a parent. Spelling and/or vocabulary is assigned every night and tests will be given
on Friday. If all their homework is completed in its entirety, and they have a signed organizer,
they will receive a sticker on the homework chart. Homework passes are awarded to those
students that have consistent stickers for the month. Homework passes are for 1 subject only.
There will be other opportunities to earn homework passes, such as displays of good character,
being helpful to others, etc. Students should copy assignments exactly from the board into
their organizer. I will check the organizer and sign it everyday. Homework must be done neatly
in the correct book with a proper heading. All homework is a review of what was taught in
class. Please guide your child, but allow him/her to work independently, unless help is
absolutely needed. I will always give credit if effort is shown. If there are problems or
unusual circumstances please inform me with a phone call or note.

***Homework must first be checked and then the organizer should be signed.
This counts toward their homework completion and he or she cannot receive a sticker if it is not signed.
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