History Educator's Guide to World War II


Welcome to the History Educator's Guide to World War II, a website designed to assist teachers of middle and high
school social studies who need resources about the Second World War. Feel free to view the various resources and
to use them in your classrooms. If you have any questions or if you have resources not mentioned here, feel free to
contact me, .

The information here in divided into two main categories, sources from the World War II era and sources from the post-
war period about the war.

What is this for?

This website is for the teacher who wants to move beyond a simple reading of the textbook to teach WWII. This website
lists resources that can be used to teach about WWII. As a teacher, I look to incorporate music and video about the
time period in retrospective. We also use journal entries, propaganda of the time, and other primary sources to teach the
time period as if the students were there.

History comes alive, and it's no longer your boring history class.

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