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The Symbol of The Thiells United Methodist Church

STATEMENT OF PURPOSE: The Thiells United Methodist Church is a community of believers under the Lordship of Jesus Christ. It is redemptive fellowship in which the Word of God is preached, the Sacraments are received, and the work of Christ is carried forward. Under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, our church exists to provide a house of worship, to encourage spiritual birth and growth, and to minister to the needs of our members and reach out to meet the needs of persons in our community.

CHURCH MINISTRIES: The outreach ministries of the church shall give attention to local and larger community ministries of compassion, justice and advocacy. These ministries include global ministries, music ministries, educational mininstries, outreach to the community through food drives, youth ministry and older adult ministries.

CHURCH BELIEFS: The beliefs of the United Methodist Church, generally, are provided at a separate website for your further information. Beliefs

CHURCH SYMBOL: As seen at the top of the page, the symbol of the United Methodist Church is a cross and flame. To read more about the cross and what it represents, please see the attached website. Cross

CHURCH COMMITTEES: The church has many committees that members may serve on and they are listed for your review separately.Committee List

FUND RAISING: The Thiells United Methodist Church is best known in the community for their Annual Fund Raising Events:

  1. Easter Bunny Boutique is a Spring craft fair and bake sale.
  2. Grandma's Attic Rummage Sale is a mid-summer event that helps family's get rid of the rummage in their homes or office that also benefits the church.
  3. The Crafted with Love Craft Fair is a Fall craft fair and bake sale.
VISITORS: Directions to the church are provided separately so that you can locate and visit the church any Sunday for our 10am church service. The church offers Christian Education for youth from Kindergarten through High School. The classes are held during the adult worship service. Directions to the church.

Come and visit us soon!