Origin of Ada Byron's Passion

Ada Augusta Lovelace was born on December 10, 1815. She is known as the first computer programmer. She was the daughter of Lord Byron. After the separation of her parents, Lady Byron's goal was to raise an intelligent daughter. Someone who could think rationally. She believed training Ada's mind with mathematics is a sure way to achieve that goal. Lady Byron saw mathematics as a moral discipline. Music and mathematics were the two main subjects in Ada's schedule of study. Her musical skill was used for social purposes and mathematics was used to strenghen her mind.

Since Lady Byron had always been interested in mathematics herself, Ada's life was seen as a continuation of her life. She did her best to make sure that Ada understandood the value of discipline and thinking rationally. Ada's education was very rigid. When performed in the way that fulfilled her mother's expectations she was rewarded, otherwise she faced punishments such as "solitary confinement".

Ada's rigid upbringing had served her well. Her high intelligence started being noticeable after meeting the mathematician and inventor of the analytical engine, Charles Babbage . They met on June 5, 1833 at a party and Ada had been instantly fascinated by his knowledge.
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