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Is the London Bridge really falling down? You'll find out soon! Your European History Class is participating in a class trip to London, England. Your class will be in London for seven days, therefore you must prepare an itinerary of the landmarks/places of interest you would like to visit. Let's go sight seeing!


The main task of this assignment is for students compile and finalize a list of landmarks/places of interest in London they would like to visit. The class will be traveling in a group, therefore students must come to a unanimous decision. This could be a difficult task since students have varying interests. Once a final itinerary is completed, each student will write a short paper (one page) on his or her favorite landmark or place of interest and present it to the class.


Students will have studied England in their history class, and will already be familiar with much of the history and culture. Prior to the assignment, students will be given a worksheet to record their answers. The landmarks/places of interests that students are required to research will be listed. They will also have the option to add places that are not already on the list. Students should follow the tasks outlined below to complete this assignment:

  1. Using their prior knowledge, students will use online resources to research specific landmarks/places of interest in London they would like to visit.
  2. Students will write a brief summary/description of each sight listed on the worksheet.
  3. Once the research is completed, students will work in groups of five and compile a list of the most popular landmarks/places of interests requested to visit. There are twenty students in the class, so four groups will be formed.
  4. Once each group completes their list, students will have class time to begin working on their short paper. They will write a one page report on a landmark or place in London they are interested in visiting.
  5. Students will each present their report orally to class.
  6. For the final step, the class will work together analyzing and comparing each group's information, and finalize one list. The class must come to a unanimous decision. The assignment will be complete, and the itinerary will be finished. Get packing!

Online Resources

Westminster Abbey

Explore London » One of my favorite London sites to explore! You can link to photographs, or simply browse the site for what interests you. The site is nicely organized. Check out the London Eye Pod, what a view!

Black Cab

London Attractions And Sights Guide For Tourist » A step-by-step guide designed for tourists to see the sights of London, England.

Phone Box

London Photo Tour » A pictorial tour of the most famous sites of London. View the many photographs, and learn about London's great history.

Tower Bridge

Dan Heller Photography of London » An incredible Web site containing photographs of landmarks, people, and interesting places in London arranged by categories.

Brighton » An excellent Web site about England with various links to other helpful sites. You can search different areas of England, and learn about each culture. Site includes photographs.

Arundel Castle

British Castles, Stately Homes and Houses » Web site contains a map with links and an alphabetical listing of British Castles, Stately Homes and Houses. Beautiful photographs!


Picadilly Circus Photo Explore » Explore London. Another excellent Web site containing tourist information, maps, pictures, you name it. A must see!

Sight Seeing Tour

London Sight Seeing Tour » A London sight seeing tour map. Let's you click directly on a sight to view.

Going Places » America's gateway to the British Isles since 1996. Web site offers valuable information on all aspects of London, and provides virtual tours on numerous areas and attractions.

Going Places

Going Places » Going Places. A Web site about London that links to various other useful London sites, even one geared to students.


Congratulations, the Webquest is completed, and you are ready to travel abroad. You should now be familiar with many of the famous landmarks and places in London, and have gained a better understanding of its history and culture. You have learned how to research, compare and evaluate information from various online resources, as well as incorporate the use of computer technology and Internet skills in the lesson.

Some questions to think about?

  1. Are the landmarks/places you visited in London similar or different from what you have researched online? How?
  2. If you were to recommend some of the landmarks/places to a friend to visit, which ones would you recommend? Which ones would you tell him/her to avoid?
  3. How did your experience in London fit into what you have learned about European history in class?

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Thomas Krichel 2003

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