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stethoscope BIO:James Van Tassel has a degree in political science, and has been a registered nurse since 1989. He has worked at Southside Hospital, Central Suffolk Hospital, and IGHL. He was the director of nursing for the Epilepsy Foundation and has worked as a consultant auditor for the New York State Office of Mental Retardation and Development Disabilities. (OMR-DD) His interest in education led him to pursue a master's degree in education, from Dowling College (1996) and he is NYS certified.

A word about this web site.

The website is divided into body systems, which is the way we will study them during the program. Each page has materials and notes from specific chapters in our text.

When you see the bullet symbol

that will let you know that these are notes from lectures or other word documents covering a specific chapter in the book. You may print these to bring to class or may use them to study at home.

Class Structure

Class meets 5 days a week, for classroom lecture. Class start promptly at 8 AM. All homework assignments are due at 8 am as you arrive to class; late homework will be marked down one grade.

Some tips about studying

There is a great deal to learn in Anatomy and Physiology. In order to succeed you will need to plan regular time to study, keep up on the chapter reading assignments, and prepare yourself for clinicals and for quizzes. Here are just a few suggestions to help you:

  1. Do your best to keep up with the reading and homework assignments.
  2. If you need ideas or suggestions for how to develop a study routine, the internet is a good source for information. Search in any browser for the words "good study habits" and see how many resources are out there.
  3. If it is hard for you to find a quiet place to study at home, don't overlook your public library.
  4. Lastly, consider forming a study group with a few friends from the class; you will give each other support. Committing to a regular time will help you keep on track.

Best wishes and see you in class!

James Van Tassel

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