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Each of Christina McCabe's fine pieces of jewelry is accompanied by miniature watercolor paintings framed in a hand-dyed wool wallet. She embroiders these charming wallets and embellishes the work with precious gemstones. The wallets and paintings are icons to treasure as a modern day heirloom. They are simply a delight to slip in to your pocket or display in that secret place in your home.

Each piece in this collection is unique. Please contact the artist for pricing information or to order any piece shown.

Peacock Collection Peacock Collection

Hand-dyed wool wallet embroidered with silk, cotton, and vintage French metal thread. Embellished with Moonstones, Sapphires, and Peridot. Stones are individually tied.

Turquoise Collection Turquoise Collection

Hand-dyed wool wallet with a circle of 12 Freshwater Pearls and 5 pieces of Italian Red Coral in a cross formation. Edged in Sleeping Beauty Turquoise.

Waterlily Collection Waterlily Collection

Hand-dyed wool wallet embroidered with silk and cotton thread. Emeralds sit atop each petal, and Garnets adorn the heart of the lily.

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