About the Hosts


Clay (Co-host) posts as Smartpenguin78 on Broadway World.com. While he is relatively new to the Broadway scene, Clay brings his considerable passion and skill for obsession to the Great White Way and now knows quite a bit about Musical Theatre, past and present. He hopes to share his love for theatre and passion for the stage with the listeners. The more frivolous side of pop-culture has never been his forte, but somehow he still knows far too much about it, and enjoys fun, frivilous fluff, even though he is too pretensious to admit that to many. Through interaction with Stephen, Clay often reaches a fuller understanding of himself. He lives in New York City with his wife and two cats, George and Desdemona.

george desie

His interests include Bob Dylan; Stephen Sondheim; Lauren Molina; Lost; Baseball; Acting; Writing Poetry, Plays or Novels; Attending Theatre; Directing; Teaching; and Reading.


Stephen (Co-host) Stephen posts as Patronus on Broadway World.com. Even though he was out of the broadway world for the better part of 5 years, Stephen's background is in musical theatre. He's getting caught up on the Last 5 Years of theatre, but for Sunset and 42nd his main focus is the Hollywood Pop Culture news. He has often quipped that between him and Clay they make a pretty well rounded person. He lives in LA with his wife and two cats, Nolan and Paige.

nolan paige

His interests include U2; Baseball; Basketball; Reading; Writing; and Currently trying to lose some weight.

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