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Winners' Essays

America is an open country, so people do everything they are willing to do without taking care of other people's thinking. I grew up in China which is a traditional country with little tolerance to any undisciplined behaviors. Therefore, people in China cannot accept my tattoos. We Chinese see people with tattoos as monsters. ...

In the last few decades, many Asian families have left their homeland to build a new life in the United States. Immigrant parents who were born and raised in Asia and their children who were born and educated in the United States have two distinct cultures of their own. Therefore, for most of these immigrant families, intergenerational conflicts between immigrant parents and their second generation Asian American children are unavoidable. ...

The term "unconditional" seems to be an ideal word, since as well-known, people have to pay for anything they want according to their value. However, in this world, the "unconditional love" exists, loving someone without any condition at all, which is quite rare as much as to find anything that is for free. ...

"If criminal legal proceedings seem to turn out differently for people of different races, when does a constitutional problem exist?" ...

Gender is the most powerful influence that affects and establishes different ideas and attitude between men and women. Historically, the stereotypical ideas of gender make walls which make roots between men and women....

When mentioning love, people always think about something romantic, such as love story of Cinderella and Prince Charming. However, I can barely believe in that kind of story, even if it exists. Life is changing. Maybe Cinderella is finally divorced from Prince Charming. No one knows the story after the happy ending. I think I am not the person who cannot believe Cinderella story; I am the person who does not believe in romance. On the other hand, family love is different, which is natural and constant....